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@2morrowknight &  @wired recently tweeted:

Gadget Lab picks 19 of the year’s best apps for iPhone and iPad – http://wrd.tw/eRjk8R #tech /via @wired
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According to an
article from DigitalTrends blog Dec 20,
Yahoo, who owns the bookmarking site clarified
​​​​​​​​​​​​its decision that​​​​​ they haven’t decided to shutter
the service but in fact will try and sell it. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Apparently, Twitter started overflowing with “Save Delicious”
statements because of Yahoo’s claim “We continuously evaluate and
prioritize our portfolio of products and services, and do plan to
shut down some products in the coming months.” Yahoo later said it
has plans to find a new home for it. Some are saying it’s simply
too late for Delicious, and that the fault is Yahoo’s. TechCrunch
blogger Jon Orlin, a Yahoo employee for five years, claims he isn’t
surprised by the company’s inability to develop Delicious. He
questions the strategy or lack there of and said “…when you have
‘the biggest collection of bookmarks in the universe’ in a
potentially very social product and you can’t figure out how to run
it in a lean, innovative and profitable way, it’s a real sign you
are in trouble.” He is also skeptical about any buyer of Delicious
having success because it will have “missed the boat for the
innovative startup.” There are many more Bookmarking products these
days which are more popular than they were in 2003 when Delicious
debuted, and of course this means it’s worth less and also faces
some very able competitors. You may like to try Pinboard and Diigo
which most likely has importing features for existing Delicious
bookmarks you have. For the near future I think I believe Delicious
won’t disappear in a poof.

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