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Check out this Infographic of a cross section of Japan’s ailing Fukushima Daiichi power plant from Livescience.com’s Infographic Artist, Karl Tate.

 Fukushima fuel rod infographic

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With WeatherSpark, Weather app, you can change the graph to see cloud cover trends, rain forecasts, and detailed temperature graphs. The current hour is also marked to see the forecast in real-time. Double clicking graphs will zoom in on the time, or move the slider to pan around the timeline. Try it at http://weatherspark.com/

This article is a look at the causes and physics of Tsunami’s and what scientists do to monitor them. To dispel the misinformation about them check out the full article at “HowStuffWorks.com via @GuyKawasaki

Tetris Sugar Cubes

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Gadget Lab picks 19 of the year’s best apps for iPhone and iPad – http://wrd.tw/eRjk8R #tech /via @wired
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